Does your IT Company suffer from this PROBLEM?

In an industry where campus hiring is more than 50%, training the employees to get project-ready is an uphill task.

The time spent to hire, train and deploy new resources comes at the expense of managing live projects with insufficient resources.

Quite frankly, most companies are in desperate search for resources to deploy in a project that is already in hand.

Escalations after escalations and embarrassing delivery delays happen solely because of the lack of project-ready resources.

A substantial amount of time and money is spent in hiring, training and deploying resources, which affects overall efficiency.

In an industry where campus hiring is more than 50%, training the employees to get project-ready is an uphill task.

So it is time to concentrate on making the hiring process more efficient so that
your company’s overall growth is balanced and effortless.

It’s time you looked for a better SOLUTION!


Having been in the industry for long enough to know the nuances of hiring, training and deploying, Numaware Technologies offers you a comprehensive solution for your problem.

We take complete responsibility to meet your demand for dynamic, project-ready resources.

Just give us your periodical, competency-specific forecasts.

Let us know of your project-related skill requirements.

We’ll identify the right talent for you, hire and train them as per your project needs.

What BENEFITS do you receive?

Increasing the efficiency of your hiring process brings you more benefits than you can think of right off the bat. The following are a few:

Increased bandwidth for HR & Business groups to focus on existing priorities.

Productivity from Day 1 with zero waits time.

Better utilization rates with the availability of an on-demand pool of talent.

Reduced expenses over the entire Hiring Process Chain.

Zero liability for unselected candidates.

Convenience in mid-term evaluation and correction of in-training candidates.

How do you know WE are GOOD at what we do?

  1. We don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.
  2. We are a pioneer in the field of project-ready resourcing.
  3. We have a unique and dependable Hire-Train-Deployment model that ensures the results you seek.
  4. Oh, we forgot to tell you that we are particularly excellent in Niche Skilling and Reskilling.

About Our Very Own Train & Deploy Program

So how do we do it? How do we help our customers reduce costs in finding the right candidate and maximize staff utilization? It’s simple. We employ our inhouse Train & Deploy model with high efficiency to get optimal results.

  • We begin with identifying the future needs and latent potential of your company, based on which we hunt for the right candidates.

  • The selected candidates will go through extensive training for the skills in need and obtain a hands-on experience.

  • Then they’re sent to our customers for acceptance and deployment.

We must tell you that our candidate screening process is quite stringent and only the best candidates will pass through and come to your view.

Rest assured that you get only the best!


Stages of Sourcing TAB

From a pool of fresh campus resources and experienced market resources, we source the profiles according to our client requirements.

The sourced candidates will be put through a stringent, multi-level screening process.

The shortlisted candidates will go through technical & functional inhouse training from highly-skilled tutors for the required skills to get hands-on experience.

After getting trained, the candidates will go through an exit-stage assessment, where they’re tested in their technical abilities.

Our optimally trained candidates are sent to our customers, who will conduct the final rounds of interview and deploy the candidates directly into a live project.

Track Record of Numaware Train & Deploy Program.


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