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About Workday

About Workday

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications

In 2006, Workday released its first product, Workday Human Capital Management. The following year, it announced its financial suite, Workday Financial Management. The Workday HCM side received emphasis originally, but the company has worked over the years to make its financial software more competitive with other ERP systems by adding budgeting, planning and analytics features, as well as support for larger enterprises.

Workday claims its use of a single, cloud-based database for both HCM and financials provides better integration and embedded business intelligence across business functions than is available in most ERP systems. In 2013, the vendor added Workday Big Data Analytics, which are prepackaged analytics tools that can combine Workday data with data from third-party sources.

Why Workday is so successful and popular?

Integration is one big reason Workday is so popular and successful in current market. Workday’s product would be very successful even if the “cloud” did not exist as when we compare PeopleSoft and Workday working structure, the Workday spins circles around PeopleSoft in terms of functionality.  All the major competitors of workday are trying to put their applications in the cloud, but nobody has the functionality.   If they did, they would win a lot more.

WORKDAY provides a readymade tool to manage financial or HR data on cloud.

Does Workday have a good scope in the future?

Yes, Workday has grown tremendously in last 8 years and now considered as a big player in HR and Finance on demand cloud software area.

Workday Cloud Architecture

Why Workday??

One Single System for all, with a single system for finance and HR, Workday gives you total visibility so you can make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Engage people from anywhere, intuitive experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop ensures widespread adoption. Your employees can access the insight they need, when they need it.

Its ready for anything, whether it’s complying with new regulations, shifting your workforce, or opening a new location, Workday provides the agility necessary to respond to change.

Maximize security and reliability, Workday provides protections that traditional software vendors cannot. We build, and continually update, rigorous safeguards into every product to maintain the highest security and maximum uptime.

Zero Downtime, With Workday, every customer is on the latest version of our software. As we roll out new versions, your system automatically converts to the latest release. No more disruptive upgrades and no one is left behind.

Go live on time and on budget, When it comes to speed to value, Workday continually raises the bar. Customers go live in 8.2 months on average. Our highly vetted partners and deployment methodology get customers live faster.

Few companies where workday is running successfully

Source: Above text and Images are sourced from Quora and Workday websites

Numaware Trainings provide completely practical and real time Workday ERP Cloud Training starts from basics to advanced modules. Get an introduction to the fundamentals of Workday ERP cloud and gain proficiency in identifying terminologies and concepts in the workday cloud platform

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Detailed Course Content


  • Workday Core Concepts
  • Business Process Overview
  • Organizations and Security
  • Configurable Security Overview
  • Configurable Security – Create and Deploy Security Groups
  • Report Writer Overview
  • Manager Self-Service Overview
  • Navigation
  • Workday Expenses Overview
  • Staffing Models Overview
  • Staffing Positions: Creating Positions
  • Staffing Positions: Job Profiles
  • Staffing Positions: Managing Positions
  • Workday Web Services Overview
  • Workday Project Success
  • Workday Integration Overview
  • Introduction to Integration Systems
  • Integration Security Overview
  • Introduction to Document Transformation
  • Introduction to Grants Management
  • Grants Management Award
  • Grants Management Revenue & Billing 


  • Workday Simple Integrations
  • Introduction to Workday Studio
  • Absence Management: Configuration and Administration
  • Workday Report Writer
  • Workday Calculated Fields
  • HCM Fundamentals
  • Benefits Fundamentals
  • Payroll Fundamentals
  • Financials Fundamentals
  • Compensation Fundamentals
  • Procure-to-Pay Fundamentals
  • Workday Reporting: Basics to Analytics
  • Time Tracking: Configuration and Administration
  • Preparing for Business Process Discovery
  • Business Process Fundamentals
  • Configurable Security Fundamentals
  • Preparing for Benefits Discovery
  • Preparing for Compensation Discovery
  • Preparing for Global Design Discovery
  • Preparing for Project Kick-off
  • Secure Data and the sFTP Server
  • Translations and Language Support in Workday
  • Understanding Data Validation
  • Understanding Staffing Models
  • Understanding Tenant Management
  • Understanding the Initial Prototype
  • Workday Tenant Automation
  • Combinations of Security Groups
  • Location and Organization Membership Security Groups
  • Segment-Based Security Groups
  • Custom Fields: Implementation Considerations
  • Adding Reports to a Business Process
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Prerequisites
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Segmented Security
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Cost Controls
  • Configuring Workday Expenses: Expense Items
  • Benefits: Open Enrollment Checklist
  • Benefits: Dependent Event Configuration
  • Benefits: Open Enrollment Processing
  • Benefits: Passive Events
  • Bonus Process
  • Merit Process
  • Defining and Using Eligible Earnings
  • Reorganization: Assign Superior
  • Reorganization: Create Subordinate
  • Reorganization: Divide Organization
  • Reorganization: Events
  • Reorganization: Inactivate Organization
  • Reorganization: Move Workers
  • Talent Succession: Assessing Potential
  • Talent Succession: Business Processes, Security, and Worklets
  • Talent Succession: Succession Planning
  • Processing Terminations
  • Processing Hires and Contingent Workers
  • Converting Contingent Workers
  • Creating Applicants
  • Evidence of Insurability: Setup
  • Evidence of Insurability: Manage the Process
  • Year-End Payroll: Configure W-2s
  • Year-End Payroll: Audit W-2s
  • Year-End Payroll: Create & Print W-2s
  • Commitment Accounting
  • Reversing a Completed Payroll Calculation
  • Time Tracking: Manually Advancing the Enter time Business Process
  • Time Tracking: Adjusting Calculated Time
  • Time Tracking: Overview Configuring the Calendar
  • Time Tracking: Defining a Period Schedule
  • Time Tracking: Defining the Work Schedule Calendar
  • Time Tracking: Configuring Time Entry Codes and Time Code Groups
  • Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts Setup
  • Time Tracking: Configuring a Time Entry Template
  • Building a Time Off Plan
  • Create a Deduction
  • Form I-9 & E-Verify Integration Overview
  • How to Configure E-Verify Integration
  • Create an Earning
  • Workday Customer Center: Tenant Management
  • Employee Review Template Introduction
  • Goal Setup and Management


  • HCM Transactions
  • Performance Management
  • Advanced Workday Studio
  • Payroll Interface: Change Detection
  • Customer Channel (On Workday Community)
  • Compensation Changes
  • Benefits: Coordination of Events
  • Performing a Job Change
  • Advanced Report Writer: Analytic Indicator Overview
  • Requesting Time Off and Leave of Absence
  • Advanced Report Writer: Creating Alerts Using Standard Reports
  • Advanced Report Writer: Creating Custom Worklets
  • Advanced Report Writer: Filters and Multi-Instance Fields
  • Advanced Report Writer: Scheduling Reports & the W: Drive
  • Advanced Report Writer: Sharing and Security
  • Advanced Report Writer: Web Services
  • Create and Approve a Spend Authorization
  • Create and Approve an Expense Report
  • Expense Analytics and Reporting
  • Procure-to-Pay for Contingent Labor
  • Procure-to-Pay for Deliverable Services
  • Procure-to-Pay for Goods
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts Billing
  • Revenue Management: Customer Contracts Revenue Recognition
  • Absence Management: Adjusting and Overriding Accruals
  • Absence Management: Adjusting Time-Off
  • Absence Management: Overriding Time-Off Plan Balances
  • Payroll – Adding Payroll Input
  • Payroll – Gross Up Calculations
  • Payroll – Off Cycle Processes: Reversals
  • Payroll – Off Cycle Processes: Manual Payments
  • Payroll – On Demand Payments
  • Payroll – Pay Calculation Results Audit Report
  • Payroll – Payroll Input Using EIB
  • Payroll – Running Payroll Calculation, Complete, and Settlement
  • Payroll – Running Pre-note Authorizations
  • Payroll – Viewing Payroll Results and Payslips
  • Payroll – Reprint Advices
  • Payroll – Reprint Checks and Reassign Check Numbers
  • Payroll Interface: Using the Audit Files
  • Time Tracking: Entering Time and Time Off
  • Record Voided Checks
  • Time Tracking: Entering and Approving Time and Time Off for a Worker
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Workday Enablement Workshop – Job Change
  • Workday Enablement Workshop – OnBoarding
  • Workday Enablement Workshop – Reporting and Analytics
  • Workday Customer Center: How to Create a Case
  • Workday Customer Center: Workday Support and Troubleshooting Processes
  • Business Process Event: Understanding the Full Process Record
  • Onboarding in Workday

Document Transformation Without Prompts


Role : Senior ERP Consultant
Experience : 8+ Yrs of IT Experience across MNC Companies
Technologies   : Workday, Workday reports, Oracle R12 Financials, Microsoft Excel, ERP…etc
About Trainer :

Workday certified trainer who is trained by workday company and dynamic professional with over 8 years of experience in Enterprise solutions. Experienced Workday Techno-Functional Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in implementation, Development, Production Support and Enhancements on ERP Applications. Technically worked on various types of integrations like PICOF, CCW, Studios, EIBs and certified in Advanced concepts of Workday reporting and BIRT. Passion about workday cloud Training to individuals

Certifications : Workday Integration Analyst
Workday Studio Pro Certified


We support! You Certify

Numaware Technologies provides certification trainings and also support you with getting certified in desired skill sets.


Workday certification can be given only by the “WORKDAY” company. No other entity or organization can give workday certification to an individual. The first basic thing to get workday certified is that the individual should join a Workday Partner company. Once hired, the partner company initiates the certification course for you based on your previous expertise or your job description. Once you have passed the course you will be workday certified.

So if you want Workday Certification to work as an implementer, you have to work for WorkDay or it’s certified official partner

Validation of Workday Certification

Workday certifications will be valid until you work with workday or workday partner company, means you have to lose hopes on your certification when you leave that job from workday partner company and again you have to look for a best employer who can offer you certification. In simple words, certification is under the control of your employer not under you

Workday Certification.

Workday Certification is provided by Workday only to its customers and collaborating companies. You cannot get Workday certified from anywhere else.

Workday has divided its certifications in to 3 types:

  1. Integration Certified
  2. Principal Certified
  3. Studio Certified

To understand it easily Integration is for technical, Principal is for functional and Studio is an advanced certification.

If you want to get any of these certifications, you should join a workday partnering company / customer and then the company has to nominate you for certification. Then workday will be providing training and conducting exams for the certification.


Trainings and Batches

Mode of Training

Numaware provides the following list of trainings according to Trainee or Colleges or Organization preference

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Campus Training
  • University Training
  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • Instructor-led Live Classroom Training

Batches Available

We are Flexible with following list of batches as per the student requirements and availability.

  • Regular Batch
  • Weekend Batch
  • Weekday Batch
  • Fast-Track Batch
  • One to One Batch
  • Customized Batch

Flexible Timings

Numaware providing Flexible timings to schedule the Batches according to student-preferred timings at either Morning or Evening

  • Morning : 6.00 AM to 12.00PM
  • Evening : 3.00 PM to 10.00PM

Affordable Fees

We Charge very nominal, least and best price for all trainings when compared to Market or any other institutes with good quality standards and no compromise on commitment of providing Quality of Training.

Digital and Flexible Payment Options are available with Numaware Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • Cash with Invoice
  • Credit-Card Pay
  • Debit-Card Pay
  • Any Digital-Pay
  • Account Transfer
  • Pay-Tm Transfer

Note: Fee will be finalized after demo session as per the Trainer suggestions and Student requirement.

Numaware Benefits

Numaware Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the best training institutes in Bangalore, offering Job demanding IT courses, Niche skills for working professionals, fresher’s, and students to ensure a successful future. We offer 100% placement support, cost-effective courses, real-time project experience, resume support, interview support and more. Our courses will equip you to get jobs in top MNCs and launch a successful career.

TRAINING BENEFITS in Numaware Technologies :

  • Training with IT Industry experts and Certified professional s working in MNC Companies.
  • Importance given to both theory and practice
  • Hands-on experience in real-time projects
  • Assistance in all stages of getting a job
  • Proven track record
  • Limited students in a batch
  • Flexible timings
  • Certification support

STUDENT BENEFITS in Numaware Technologies:

  • Post-training and on-job support
  • Backup classes for missed sessions
  • Remote lab facility, Wi-Fi access and LED TV projection
  • Mock exams and interviews for real-life simulation experience
  • Affordable fees with 2 easy installments

PLACEMENT BENEFITS in Numaware Technologies:

  • Our recruitment team will send you for interviews till you get placed
  • Frequently asked interview Q & A will be shared
  • Resume build support from industry professionals
  • We train you with real cases studies for interviews
  • Emphasis on practical knowledge in everything

Job Demanding Courses

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