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About RPA Tools

About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a computing-infrastructure and software model for enabling ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable resources (such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services) Which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.


“IAAS” (Infrastructure as a service):

It is the hardware and software that powers it all– servers, storage, networks, operating systems.

“SAAS” (Software as a service):

Saas applications are designed for end-users, delivered over the web.

“PAAS” (Platform as a service):

PaaS is the set of tools and services designed to make coding and deploying those applications quick and efficient

About RedHat OpenStack

OpenStack is a free and  a open source cloud computing platform. OpenStack is a combination of open source tools (known as projects) that use pooled virtual resources to build and manage private and public clouds

Six of these projects handle the core cloud-computing services. The services can be broadly divided into 3 categories:

  • Compute
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Identity
  • Image services

When you get OpenStack, you get a software suite that enables you to set up your own Cloud environment.

There are a few ways to deploy your cloud infrastructure using OpenStack as follows

OpenStack-based Public Cloud:

A vendor provides a public cloud computing system based on the OpenStack project

On-Premises Distribution:

In this model, a customer downloads and installs an OpenStack distribution within their internal network.

Hosted OpenStack Private Cloud:

A vendor hosts a OpenStack based private cloud including the underlying hardware and the OpenStack software.


A vendor hosts OpenStack Management software as a service and customers use it.

Using Horizon ( Dashboard – It provides web based GUI) and Command line, we can Launch Instances, Create Networks, Add Storage and many more sub Functionalities.

Core OpenStack services are
Nova                              – Were you Launch Instances.
Neutron                        – Were you create networks.
Keystone                      – Were you create users and projects.
Cinder                           – Were you create volumes for instances .
Swift                              – Object store for storing files.
Glance                           – For storing OS Images.

Detailed Course Content

Course Introduction

  • Introduction to Red Hat Ceph Storage Introduce Red Hat Ceph Storage architecture, components, and attributes.
  • Describe Red Hat Ceph Storage components and features describe the components and features of Red Hat Ceph Storage.
  • Deploy and access Red Hat Ceph Storage Create snapshots and clones for Red Hat Ceph Storage.
  • Create snapshots and clones Manage snapshots and clones of a Ceph Block Device (RBD).
  • Ceph with the Glance Image service Integrate Ceph with the Open Stack Glance Image service to store Open Stack images in Ceph.
  • Ceph with the Cinder Block Storage service Integrate Ceph with the Open Stack Cinder Block Storage service to provide Open Stack volumes in Ceph.
  • Ceph with the Nova compute service Integrate Ceph with the Open Stack Nova compute service to store instance data in Ceph.
  • Comprehensive Review Review tasks from the Red Hat Open Stack III course.
  • Introduce networking fundamentals Review networking concepts and deploy OpenStack with a separate Neutron networking node.
  • Network interfaces Manage network interfaces manually (using the ip command) and persistently.
  • Virtual bridging Install and manage virtual network bridges.
  • Virtual network devices Create and deploy virtual network devices.
  • Network namespaces Manage and implement networks inside a network namespace.
  • Neutron services Verify and manage the Neutron services.
  • Provisioning tenant networks Provision tenant networks using VXLAN tunnels, GRE tunnels, and VLANs.
  • Implementing load-balancer-as-a-service (LBaaS) Implement LbaaS.
  • Neutron networking services Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with the Neutron networking service.

Open stack Overview

  • Open Stack Overview and Reviewing the Command Line
  • Open Stack Overview
  • Command-Line Review
  • OpenStack Dashboard Service – Horizon
  • Working with the Horizon Dashboard Service
  • OpenStack Dashboard Service – Horizon

Open Stack Identity Service – Keystone

  • Configuration and Management of the Keystone Identity Service
  • Identity Service Terminology
  • Manage Services and Endpoints
  • Managing Projects, Users, and Roles
  • Managing Groups and Domains
Hands-on Lab: Creating a Service and Endpoint
Hands-on Lab: Manage Projects, Users and Roles
Hands-on Lab: Managing Domains and Groups
Hands-on Lab: Managing Images

Open Stack Networking Service – Neutron

  • Managing Networks and Security Groups with Neutron
  • Open Stack Networking Service – Neutron
  • Managing Networks
  • Managing Security Groups
Hands-on Lab: Working with Networks
Hands-on Lab: Managing Security Groups

Open Stack Compute Service – Nova

  • Instance Management and Configuration with Nova Compute Service
  • OpenStack Compute Service – Nova
  • Managing Keypairs
  • Managing Flavors
  • Managing Instances
  • Managing Floating Ips
  • Managing Quotas
Hands-on Lab: Creating an Instance
Hands-on Lab: Associating Floating IPs
Hands-on Lab: Working with Quotas

Open Stack Object Storage – Swift

  • Creating and Managing Object Stores with Swift
  • OpenStack Object Storage – Swift
  • Managing Object Stores
Hands-on Lab: Managing Containers and Objects

Open Stack Block Storage Service – Cinder

  • Managing Volumes and Snapshots with Cinder
  • Open Stack Block Storage Service – Cinder
  • Managing Volumes
  • Managing Snapshot
Hands-on Lab: Working with Volumes

Open Stack Orchestration Service – Heat

  • Creating and Managing Stacks with the Heat Orchestration Service
  • Open Stack Orchestration Service – Heat
  • Managing Stacks
Hands-on Lab: Creating a stack


  • Configuration and Management Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting
Hands-on Lab: Working with logs


Role : OpenStack Administrator
Experience : 12+ Years of IT Experience across MNC and Product based Companies
Technologies   : OpenStack, VM-Ware, EMC-SAN, Linux
About Trainer :

12+ years of experience in Cloud operations, system administration and VMware works such as configuration management, CI/CD, automation in cloud platforms, Focused on OpenStack Cloud deployment, administration, Troubleshooting, Improving and implementing Operational Processes. Good Hands-on experience on Horizon and CLI to admin, maintain and manage OpenStack services and performed live migration of VM’s across compute nodes during maintenance and failure

Certifications : Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack
VM-Ware Certified VExpert   2017


We support! You Certify

Numaware Technologies provides certification trainings and also support you with getting certified in desired skill sets.


An IT professional who has earned the Red Hat® Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack® has demonstrated the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to create, configure, and manage private clouds using Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack

An IT professional who has earned the Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack is able to:

  • Install and configure
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform Manage users, projects, flavors, and rules
  • Configure and manage images
  • Add compute nodes

To complete above certification please complete RedHat OpenStack Administration Training at Numaware Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Course teaches you how system administrators implement a cloud-computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform, including installation, configuration, and maintenance.

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Trainings and Batches

Mode of Training

Numaware provides the following list of trainings according to Trainee or Colleges or Organization preference

  • Classroom Training
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  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training
  • Instructor-led Live Classroom Training

Batches Available

We are Flexible with following list of batches as per the student requirements and availability.

  • Regular Batch
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Flexible Timings

Numaware providing Flexible timings to schedule the Batches according to student-preferred timings at either Morning or Evening

  • Morning : 6.00 AM to 12.00PM
  • Evening : 3.00 PM to 10.00PM

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We Charge very nominal, least and best price for all trainings when compared to Market or any other institutes with good quality standards and no compromise on commitment of providing Quality of Training.

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Note: Fee will be finalized after demo session as per the Trainer suggestions and Student requirement.

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  • Limited students in a batch
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  • Certification support

STUDENT BENEFITS in Numaware Technologies:

  • Post-training and on-job support
  • Backup classes for missed sessions
  • Remote lab facility, Wi-Fi access and LED TV projection
  • Mock exams and interviews for real-life simulation experience
  • Affordable fees with 2 easy installments

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